Welcome to the Information Website for the
Swift v. DirectBuy, Inc Settlement.

If you are or were a DirectBuy Member, your rights could be affected by the settlement of a lawsuit.

This website contains information regarding the settlement of lawsuits claiming that DirectBuy’s marketing, pricing, and other practices are not lawful. Plaintiffs claim that DirectBuy’s marketing materials, financing, and membership sales practices fail to disclose material information and are otherwise improper, that DirectBuy receives payments from vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers that DirectBuy improperly fails to pass along to consumers, that DirectBuy’s charges to consumers are inappropriate, and that all of these practices violate the law in various ways.

DirectBuy and other Defendants deny that they did anything wrong or that they are liable for damages to anyone. DirectBuy and other Defendants contend that their marketing, membership sales, and financing practices are proper and lawful and that there is nothing misleading or improper about DirectBuy’s practices.

The Court has not found that Defendants did anything wrong and has not made any rulings on the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims.

The Court has given its preliminary approval to the Settlement of these lawsuits, and has ordered that a Notice be sent to all Class Members. A copy of that Court-ordered Notice, and a copy of the Settlement Agreement, are available on the Important Documents page of this website.

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